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Bennet Gallein, 19, Fullstack Webdeveloper

Hey, my name is Bennet and I'm from Germany. Now I am 19 years old, but my interest in Computers and programming is as old as 10 Years. Over the years I made much experience with Computers, Networks and Webdevelopment.

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Full Name: Bennet Liam Gallein
Birth Date: November 9, 1999
JOB: Student

Here is how confident I feel with the following technologies:

PHP: 98%
HTML: 85%
CSS: 85%
Network: 40%
Linux: 60%


Since I develop a lot of stuff also in my free time, I have experience with a lot of different Software. Below are some

Hire me:

If you want me to work for you, or to develop a Website or System, have a look at my offerings:


If the customer whishes, I design them a Website or Interface that perfectly satisfies the customer. Also the code is after latest practises and non-developer friendly.

Web Development

I also offer Full-stack Development. The customer tells me his wishes and I design a Website. If the customer agrees to the Design, I'll implement a Backend (the "functionality") into it. There is no major work to be done by the customer.


If the customer wishes, I can also implement an Backend into an existing Frontend. So if the Website is finished but lacks functionality, I would be happy to integrate it!

Code Audit

Over the 3+ years im active in Web Development I collected a lot of experience. If you want I can check your software for vulnerabilities. If you have a smaller codebase I'll even do it for free, because security is very important in any applications

Contact me:

If you want to contact me for business purpose or just to chat, here are some ways: