Price Calculator

The resulting price is just an orientation. It can heavily vary depending on your project and requirements!

Basics (without design)

50€ Framework

40€ Website


10€ User managment (login/register & admin managment)

40€ TeamSpeak reseller hosting (create/manage TeamSpeak virtual servers, including admin overview)

20€ Invoice system (create/manage invoices for customers)

50€ PayPal API integration (prepaid accounts with PayPal API integration)

40€ TS3AudioBot (create/manage TS3AB instances, including admin overview)

100€ ProxMox (create/manage virtual containers for customers with custom dashboard enpoints)

100€ Virtualizor (create/manage virtual maschines for customers with custom dashboard endpoints)

50€ Cloud-based invoicing (implementation of paying by usage per hour)


80€ Simple onepager for individuals/companys etc.

130€ Admin Interface (fully selfmade admin interface according to the wishes of the customer)

Support & Maintenace

30€ Auto deployment (automaticly update the code on your server whenever I push a change to production instead of sending it to you (recommended!))

60€ +12 months of support (I usually only support customers for 12 months after starting the project. If you think you need additional support over the following 2 Years, include this option right from the beginning, otherwise it can be purchased afterwords)

estimated total: