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TS3AudioBot Control Panel Commercial Edition

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This TS3AudioBot Control Panel is a fully featured Control Panel which will fit everybodys needs. Start/stop, create, delete bots, play music and so on. This version also includes a prepaid system so you can charge your users for their Bot.

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Create Bot Page
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Balance Manager
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Admin User Details

You need a way to control all your TS3AudioBot instances over a web-interface? Search no longer!
This Control Panel is carefully crafted in Germany and has very high quality standards. It offers you much possibilities regarding configuration and a fair price. See the feature list below to learn more.

This is the commercial edition, which includes a Prepaid-System where users can add money to their Account over PayPal and make a one-time purchase to buy a Bot for a price that is set in the config.

Demo (register is active, Database get's cleared once a day)


Things that are configurable:

If this didn't convince you I don't really know what will... If you happen to buy this one, tweet at me @bennetgallein and I'll happily like it!

Any questions? Or a feature request?

Drop me a DM on Twitter or write me an email (me@bennetgallein.de)

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