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Setup Guide

This is a quick&easy setup guide which will help you setup your Product on your server.



1. Download the files you need over the URL provided via E-Mail.

2. Unzip the archive and upload the files to your web-servers root-directory.

3. Navigate into the folder and install the required dependencies by running "composer install && composer dump-autoload -o" in the console

4. Change the name of "config.example.json" to "config.json" and enter the required values.

5. You want to import the Database structure.
Run "mysql -u <user> -p <database> > database.sql"

Note: values in "<" and ">" are placeholders and should be replaced with your own values. So an import will look something like this:
mysql -u root -p paneldb > database.sql

6. Visit your Website in the Browser and enjoy the product!

Common mistakes:

Not everyone is a pro and immediately sees what's wrong. So here are the most common problems people encountered with my software and the solution to them:

Note: If any error appear during the installation, make sure to contact me via E-Mail or Twitter. If I can I will provide help to get you up and running.