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Eventhough I do contracts on a regular basis, I also have a small shop with common Software people demand. Have a look around!

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TS3AudioBot Control Panel

This TS3AudioBot Control Panel is a fully featured Control Panel which will fit everybodys needs. Start/stop, create, delete bots, play music and so on.


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Adminator TS3AudioBotCP Theme

Adminator Theme for the TS3AudioBot CP.


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Boxed TS3AudioBotCP Theme

Boxed Theme for the TS3AudioBot CP.


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TS3AudioBotCP Ticket Module

Enable a small but powerful Support System. Users can create Tickets and you can respond to them. 


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TS3AudioBotCP AntiRobot Module

Free yourself from Spam Account by integrating Google reCAPTCHA v3 into your panel with this small but extremly powerful module.


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TS3AudioBotCP Subscription Module

Subscription based payments for the TS3AudioBotCP commercial edition


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TS3AudioBot Load Balancer Module

You want to use your Panel with multiple Bots running on different servers? Not a problem any longer!


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TS3AudioBotCP Commercial Module

The Commercial Module enables you to charge users for their Bot for a fixed price once.

14,99€ 12,99€

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TS3AudioBotCP Status Page Module

Public status page to showcase your node status and response times


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TS3AudioBotCP Playlists Module

Create, manage & play playlists directly in your CP.


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TS3AudioBotCP SharingModule

Allow your users to share modules with other users

6,99€ 4,99€

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TS3AudioBotCP Newsletter Module

Notify all your Users over a newsletter about changes or updates.


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Supermicro CSE-815

1U Rack Server Mainboard X9SCI-LN4F SNK-P0046P Compatible CPUs i3, Xeon E3 Socket LGA1155


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Proxmox Control Panel

Dieses Panel erlaubt deinen Kunden VMs zu erstellen welche auf Proxmox gehostet sind. Enthät ein Guthabensystem.

This Control Panel allows your customer to create VMs that are hosted on proxmox. Includes a balance system.